Fundamentals of Cognitive Psychology

Book Review: Fundamentals of Cognitive Psychology

Fundamentals of Cognitive Psychology

Fundamentals of Cognitive Psychology

publishedDate : 2007

authors : Ronald Thomas Kellogg

publishers : SAGE

pageCount : 375

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Fundamentals of Cognitive Psychology | Sage Publications Inc

With its reader-friendly style, this concise text offers a solid introduction to the fundamental concepts of cognitive psychology . Covering neuroimaging, emotion, and cognitive development, author Ronald T. Kellogg integrates the latest developments in cognitive neuroscience for a cutting-edge exploration of the field today.

Fundamentals of cognitive psychology, 3rd ed. – APA PsycNET

Fundamentals of cognitive psychology (3rd ed.). Sage Publications, Inc. Abstract. Cognitive psychology has evolved over the past half century to become the dominant approach to virtually all aspects of human psychology . Its influence is strong in clinical, assessment, developmental, social, comparative, and physiological psychology , among other …

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